Self catering holidays in Africa & the Middle East

Africa and the Middle East are vast regions and have many different types of holidays to offer to holiday makers. The cultural diversity allows everyone to feel welcome and to come and enjoy there holiday where there is a lot to experience and explore. Self catering vacation rental are eligible to suit all parties and groups.

Dubai is one of the most visited destination on the African continent and offers a futuristic metropolis, modern luxuries and traditional Arabian charm. This tourist hot spot has plenty of self catering apartments in Dubai and villas in Dubai to suit all styles and personality. Accommodation ranges from a studio apartment to a 6 bedroom villa. Dubai is very popular as a city break destination and many travellers and guests that come to Dubai prefer Dubai self catering apartments and Dubai self catering villas.

Cape Verde is an another Island country, off the western African coast. Never ending white, sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters dominate these Islands.Villas in Cape Verde and apartments in Cape Verde within The Barlavento Region make up part of these islands, this region itself is made up of smaller areas like the Boa Vista Islands, Santa Luzia Islands, Sao Nicolau Island, Sao Vicente island and Santo Antao Island.

Coasts, mountains and deserts are what Morocco outstanding. The traditional lifestyle and Moroccan activities make this an appealing holiday and tourist destination. Hiking, Camel rides, shopping and exploring the local markets or Souks are some of the vast variety of things to do here, with lots more to discover. where there is a lot to experience and explore. Self catering apartments in Morocco and villas in Morocco are eligible to suit all parties and groups.

Egypt has established itself as a top destination in the for British and European holiday makers alike. Apartments in Egypt and villas in Egypt can also be foundon resorts like the Red Sea beach resortand in Sharm El Sheik and Hurgada. But holiday makers can also venture out on short trips to historic places including Cairo and Luxor and experience the local culture, which is a must to most people.

Kenya represents the spirit of Africa. The natural landscapes and diversity are un-comparable to anywhere else. Safari holiday are a must is Kenya. The opportunity of a lifetime to see wildlife, wide landscapes that continue for miles, high peaks with even more spectacular views, the African sunshine. Tourists and families love this adventure trail Kenya has to offer. Villas in Kenya are available in Diani, Lamu and Malina.

Finally, Southern Africa is located at the most southern tip of the continent and has modern luxuries that can be discovered and traditional African traditional can be experienced. Lodges in Kruger park, Villas in Durban and apartments in Cape town. Whether you fancy quietly located accommodation rentals or city destination rentals Africa's continent surely has something for everyone to enjoy and love.

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