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What is it like to fly during the Coronavirus pandemic

As the world is adjusting to the new normal, daily lives are slowly returning to how they were before the Covid pandemic started. Many of us are eager to start travelling abroad again. This video shows what airports and airlines are doing to minimise the risk passengers are exposed to, during a flight from Tenerife South to Manchester. ...

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Wonderful Yorkshire - 360° Interactive Tour of Best Villages & Attractions

When it comes to staycations, Yorkshire is a county that truly offers a great variety of destinations. From the beautiful countryside, to the numerous seaside resorts with blue flag beaches, not to mention historic cities full of heritage to discover. We look at just some of the best attractions Yorkshire has to offer. ...

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Amazing Cornwall - 360° Interactive Tour of Best Villages & Attractions

With one of the longest and most beautiful coastlines in the UK, Cornwall has long been a favourite of both British and international holiday makers. You will find many picturesque seaside towns and villages dotted along the Cornish coast, as well as beautiful moorlands and countryside to enjoy the great outdoor. The English county also boasts world class attractions including The Eden Project...

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Weekend in Berlin - 360° Interactive Tour of 12 Hotspots

One of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, Berlin is an interesting fusion of western European culture and old eastern history. Divided by the Berlin wall, the city was formerly two cities - West and East Berlin - and unified from only 1991. Remnants of the wall and Berlin's past can still be seen throughout the city, making it a fascinating and varied destination....

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What Happens In Vegas? The definitive Las Vegas 360° Interactive Tour

Las Vegas is the leading entertainment capital of the world, famous for its mega casino-hotels and associated enterprises. The city has come a long way since Moulin Rouge opened in the 1950s. Now, not only Downtown but the more modern and famous Las Vegas strip offers countless hotels, memorable attractions and out of this world experiences. Let's take a closer look at the famous attractions,...

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Tour of possibly the best airline flight - Singapore Airline's new A380 suite

Those who have flown on the A380 double-decker aircraft will know that the seat pitch and spaciousness it offers is unrivalled. Singapore Airlines is synonymous with the best customer service and experience, and it has risen the bar again with the introduction of new suites on their A380 fleet. Here the Youtube reviewer Nonstop Dan gives a grand tour of his unforgettable experience trying out...

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