Self catering holidays in Asia & the Far East

Asia is the largest, most populace continent in the world. Some of the main countries within this continent are India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore. These countries and there have the highest number the human population.

In India places like, Goa, West India is a small, charming seaside town set off the Arabian Sea. Known for its very hot climate yet relaxing atmosphere. Influenced by Indian, Islamic and Portuguese styles it has become ever so more popular with tourist and holiday makers. Another popular resort with tourists and holiday makers is Kerela and regions in Kerela like Kovalam, Kochi Cochin, Kannur, Cherplassery and Alleppey Kumarakom offering great self catering villas in India and self catering apartments in India.

In Thailand and Malaysia. Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur are the more admired visited places. Food, night life, beaches, peacefulness, shops, parks, etc... are all what make Asian accommodation rentals appealing to the British and European travellers. Backpackers and world travellers embrace Asia and a large section of there journey because there is so much to see and so many places to visit.

Vietnam home to Indonesia and Bali have some fantastic beaches that are worth the long distant. Many surfer come to Bali to try of the waves for themselves. Long haul flights can sometimes be tricky so more times than not stops will be made before reaching your final destination. Singapore is a popular one for flights to Australia and although many tourist come the Singapore to explore many people are able to discover Singapore during there short stay.

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