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48 Hours In Amsterdam

The city famous for its nightlife has so much more to offer than you might expect.

A short hop across the channel and here comes Amsterdam - the tourist capital of the Netherlands. Well known for its postcard views, chilled vibes, arts and culture offerings as well as an excellent party reputation, there is little doubt why Amsterdam remains one of the most popular city break destinations in Europe.

Dam Square
Crammed day and night with locals and tourists, Dam Square is a prime spot in Amsterdam. One on everyone’s itinerary the square boasts restaurants, food stalls, bars and shops, as well as some of the cities popular attractions including Madame Tussauds and the Royal Palace.

Anne Frank's House
Anne Frank went into hiding during the WW2 to escape the Nazis. Along with seven others who spent 2 years hiding, after her death the diary she wrote whilst in hiding became world famous, along with her story. The Anne Frank House, Amsterdam is where her journal began and tourist visit the now museum year round to discover the details of her life.

Red Light District
Amsterdam’s Red Light District is best described as one for the curious, probably all the rumours you have heard are true, from brothels, sex shops and museums. Known locally as ‘The Rossebuurt’ the Red Light District is somewhere you should really check out for yourself (night time is best for the full experience) and contrary to what a lot of people might think it has a very friendly atmosphere.

Van Gogh Museum
The Van Gogh Museum is home to the world’s largest collection of Vincent van Gogh masterpieces, a shrine if you like. Explore the museums exhibitions, guided tours, workshops and more; based in Amsterdam’s Museum District.

Heineken Experience
If lager is your choice of brew, more specifically Heineken then what better place to visit while it Amsterdam than the Heineken Experience? Enjoy the sensational interactive tour through the dynamic world of Heineken and what tour experience would be complete without taste testing; just to make sure it’s not poisonous of course!

Vondelpark was designed by landscape architect L.D. Zocher, Amsterdam’s most popular park attracting thousands every day. Vondelpark is home to many restaurants and cafes, as well as an open-air theatre and rose garden with over 70 types of roses. The park was also awarded national heritage status.

Keukenhof Gardens & Tulip Farm
Home to a mesmerizing and spacious 32 hectares of flowers, including over 7 million bulbs and a total of 800 different varieties of Tulips, Keukenhof Gardens is a unique and beautiful place to visit which catches the attention of visitors from all around the world. The gardens are open between March – May when the flowers are in bloom, honestly the best time to go.

The Rijksmuseum is a Dutch national museum dedicated to arts and history. Located in the popular Museum Quarter the museum was entirely renovated showcasing a stunning build, amazing interior, wonderful exhibitions, lively events and amenities appropriate for all ages - young and elderly.

The famous neighbourhood of Jordaan lies just west of Amsterdam’s Central Station, arching around canal ring. A popular area home to a maze of scenic streets and alleys filled endlessly with galleries, restaurants and independent shops.

Royal Palace of Amsterdam
Built in the 17th century, The Royal Palace is one of three palaces used by the monarch, a grand building located on Dam Square, a admired building inside and out. The Royal Palace is the only one in the country that is actively used as well as being open to the public.

Amsterdam Central Station
Amsterdam’s Central Station is the main train station and the real heart of the city. This huge transport transfer spot handles approximately 250,000 people each day, a combination of tourists and local residents. Public transport in Amsterdam is a quick, affordable and efficient way to get around.

Amsterdam Windmills
Windmills, clogs, tulips and canals are the normal when the Netherland’s spring to mind. Although a now exciting and quirky city break destination, Amsterdam still has a wide range of heritage and culture to offer. Amsterdam is actually home to 8 Windmills in total scattered around and of course each different and with its own history.

Rembrandt House Museum
For twenty years Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn was one of the greatest artists who lived and worked in the Netherlands’. Now a museum, The Rembrandt House offers visitors a complete Rembrandt experience; the house has been refurbished with furniture, art and objects to mimic the 17th Century. The museum has an almost complete collection of Rembrandt etchings and exhibitions.

The Original Bulldog Café
‘The Bulldog’ franchise is branded throughout Amsterdam at various different locations and venues. The Bulldog’s first ever shop is somewhat of a legacy in the city which first started back in 1974, still very much a thriving hot-spot today, come and see this canal side patio for yourself.

Towards the southern end of Amsterdam's central canal ring, Leidseplein square is a buzzing centre for nightlife and shopping. Offering a variety of bars and social spots Leiden Square is a busy area year-round, THE place for letting your hair down.

Magna Plaza
Magna Plaza is an elegant 19th century building, directly behind the Queens Palace on the Dam square. A shopper’s heaven for upscale retail therapy for designer clothing and fashion accessorises; now one of the few shopping malls in Amsterdam.

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