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This Is How The World's Best Airport Singapore Changi Beats Its Competitors

Anyone who has travelled to Asia or Australia would probably have come across Singapore as part of their journey. Having been voted as the World's Best Airport for 6 times, Singapore Changi International Airport certainly knows a way or two in order to come out on top of its competitors. From free massages and movie screenings, to exclusive shops and restaurants (and even a butterfly house!),...

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Only Passenger In The First Class Cabin Of A Lufthansa Flight

Ever get that feeling of luxury when the seat next to yours is unoccupied throughout the whole flight? Now, how about if you were the only passenger in one of the most exclusive first class cabins on a jumbo jet, for a 9 hour flight? This happened to one lucky blogger when he travelled from Frankfurt to Bangalore on a Lufthansa 747 flight He filmed the whole amazing experience as seen in the...

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The most star-studded safety video ever from British Airways and Comic Relief

In recent years, we have seen airlines battling it out in producing unusual safety videos - from the Hobbit to Bear Grylls, they are all entertaining as well as staying importantly informative. This latest safety video from British Airways in cooperation with Comic Relief is definitely the most star studded though, featuring a whole host of celebrities, making it an entertaining start to any...

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48 Hours In Amsterdam

A short hop across the channel and here comes Amsterdam - the tourist capital of the Netherlands. Well known for its postcard views, chilled vibes, arts and culture offerings as well as an excellent party reputation, there is little doubt why Amsterdam remains one of the most popular city break destinations in Europe....

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Three Days In Barcelona - The Essential 360° Guide

With gorgeous Mediterranean sunshine, no less than 7 beaches, a wealth of history and typical warm Spanish hospitality, it is not hard to see why Barcelona remains one of Europe's most visited city break destinations. The charm of the Gothic Quarter, an eclectic arts and culture scene, world-class shopping, combined with a vibrant nightlife, a Barcelona weekend break can be very hectic indeed! ...

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Checklist For A Jam Packed Weekend Break In Lisbon

Europe's second oldest capital after Athens, Greece - Lisbon is a captivating city by the sea, once home to the world's greatest explorers. From culture and climate to value and variety Lisbon is jam packed with something for everyone, renowned for its history you can discover an array historical landmarks and famous monuments as well as world class food markets and an eclectic nightlife....

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